Who we are

Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association has 24 local groups. It is a non-profit organization, dedicated to creating a community of love and respect for human life from conception to natural death through public education.

This website was started in 2010 by a small group of pro-life supporters in Davidson SK, the Mid-Lakes Pro-Life group. (Mid-Lakes covers the communities around: Davidson, Outlook, Hanley, Kenaston, Elbow, Imperial).

What we do:

  1. Uphold the dignity of human life and the inviolability of human life from the time of conception until natural death;
  2. Work to protect the interests of the unborn child, the chronically ill, the physically and mentally disabled, and the elderly;
  3. Provide information.

How you can help or seek help:

  1. Call Sask Pro-Life: (306) 992-6941.
  2. Visit Sask Pro-Life contact page: https://www.saskprolife.com/contact-us
  3. Find your local Sask Pro-Life group here: https://www.saskprolife.com/local-prolife-groups
  1. You are taking a positive step towards promoting respect for life.
  2. You will receive regular educational information.
  3. You will help give a voice to pro-life movement in the local area, the province and the nation.

Reasons to Support the Cause for Life:

  1. If all people are equal, than all human lives, no matter how young or old, must be equally valued and protected.
  2. Abortions will have on-going negative physical, emotional, and spiritual repercussions for the survivors and for those involved in the act of abortion.
  3. Furthermore, abortion as a means of coping with individual or societal pressures greatly undermines our respect for human life.
  4. Abortion as the solution to suffering puts the vulnerable at risk, and creates a society where others decide whose life is worth fighting for. In all of the instances where human life is taken, either with or without the consent of the person being killed, a great tragedy has occurred.
  5. If we are a just society, we must take action and seek to guard human life and protect it from the time of its conception to natural death.

Some facts:

  • A study by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons of 41,039 women during the three month period after their abortions showed that these women had a more than four times higher rate of hospitalization for infections, a five times higher rate of “surgical events” and a nearly five times higher rate of hospitalization for psychiatric problems than the matching group of women who had not had abortions. (College of Physicians & Surgeons 2001)
  • An estimated 13, 000 Canadian women need surgical intervention following their abortion each year. (American Journal of Medical Quality, 2001).
  • 36.6% of abortions (39,037 babies) occur between 4 and 9 weeks when the baby’s heart is beating, brain waves are detected and ultrasounds show them waving their arms and legs (at 7 to 9 weeks).
  • 49.5% of abortions (52,795 babies) occur at 9 to 12 weeks when the child has fingerprints, urinates in utero, squints, swallows, wrinkles his or her forehead, sleeps, wakes and exercises.
  • 9.6% of abortions (10,239 babies) occur at 13 to 16 weeks when the baby has fine hair on his or her head, is 8′ to 10′ long and can hear.
  • 4.4% occur (4,692 babies) at 16 weeks to birth when the child can be startled by a sudden noise and can survive with proper care outside of the womb.

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